September 2015

Dermatologist and Anti-Aging Treatment Specialist, France


Dr. Christian Deperdu demonstrating BIOPTRON 2 at the recent Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in Monaco.
I had been introduced to the BIOPTRON medical devices two years ago through numerous publications in the care area of burns, ulcers, and traumatology. As these fields are very far from my areas of expertise, I was a little bit perplexed – but after further investigation, I found that BIOPTRON can also be used very successfully for Anti-Aging.

I had been offered to try BIOPTRON in my anti-aging and aesthetic activities in France.  I have now been using the Polarized Light device for 18 months, and I use its qualities in many areas I deal with in our anti-aging centre: in pre and post injections; Botox; Fillers; PRP; Mesotherapy;  Microneedling - in order to reduce inflammation and bruising.

I also use BIOPTRON in post Radio frequency to reduce erythema; in pre and post ablative laser, (CO2 fractioned and Erbium), for its analgesic action and its wound healing stimulation.

In Blepharoplasty, we use it before and after the procedure as well as the following days whether in our center, or by lending a device to have several applications a day at the patient's home. And recently we also use it successfully after Cryolipolyse for its analgesic qualities.